Low Carb Training for Endurance Athletes

Traditionally, endurance athletes have consumed large amounts of carbohydrates to ensure training and racing are well-fuelled. This makes perfect sense, given the well-documented performance benefits of carbohydrates. Over the last decade though, research has shown the potential for even bigger training gains when carbohydrate availability is limited around training sessions (often termed ‘low carb training’). Total Endurance Nutrition spent the last 4 weeks educating athletes from Total Tri Training on the benefits and pitfalls of low carb training, and here we share the key points from these sessions.

Let’s start with the ‘why’?

It’s worth saying from the outset here that the aim of low carb training is NOT to create an energy deficit which leads to weight loss. What we’re actually trying to do with low carb training is teach our body to be better at burning fat. This is incredibly important, not only because a better ability to burn fat is linked to greater performance in endurance events, like Ironman triath